Hello guys I hope you are doing now and in this post I will talk about different ways to make money online from gtd sites. Gtd are the sites where you can earn money by completing the specific task. Most people like to call these survey sites or paid survey sites. However  money by taking surveys is not only method, but can also make money doing other activities as well. Some sites are more focused on survey like Toluna. You can learn more about Toluna by reading this article. There has been lot of confusion about these websites and many people of bragging about it. Many people are trying to fool others by making people signing up  for the websites. People think that they can I earn huge amount of money from these websites which is not true. You can earn some money from the website but they are not good in long term. I personally don’t like this kind of shortcut because yes I want to invest more time in something that’s long term and can provide me benefit on large scale. So that I can live my life in a way I want and don’t worry about the money.


Now even though these sites are not like extremely good for making money when people still sign up for these sites  and invest their  time in these sites.   These people don’t care if they are earning  just few dollars for hours of work, which I personally don’t understand. Many people ask me if they  should join the website. The answer is always no. One of the reason behind is that there are other way  from which you can make money online and you don’t have to share your personal information for that. One of  the best ways to make money online is affiliate marketing. If you don’t know what is the full market and how it works I highly suggest that you have read this guide. Once you understand the basic concept of marketing and then you can decide whether you want to become affiliate marketer or not.